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So cool!Most creative doorbell selected (3)
2011-03-11 10:20:30


9, nuclear doorbell

You will hear the doorbell because no miss Courier? If you are on the traditional "mistakes" sound weary of words, this section doorbell completely can draw your attention. When pressed wireless button after, this kind of nuclear doorbell would kept flashing, in a harsh voice tell you the guest has come.


10, MP3 doorbell

This type of the doorbell can let you get any music as a mp3 ring, it has 2gb memory can store 300 song, fully can let your visitors because changes and rejoiced. Also can be used as an MP3 player to use.

11, eyebal doorbell

You doorbell may be in work around the clock, but it didn't like Halloween night that saw many strange man. You can put your doorbell into an even a little queasy eye, scare those ask you to sugar to eat the intruder.

12, copper frog doorbell

This type of the bell for those in pack garden has weird savoured personage attractive. The doorbell is singular and charming. The frog's mouth a doorbell button. Some guests even will have to take some time to look for the doorbell where.

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