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digital building system hot property
2011-09-22 09:38:33

With the real estate development, real estate benchmark type of popular all-digital, digital intercom building hot property, building intercom companies have to figure, the network link with the building intercom, TCP / IP technology, building intercom maturing, and began to market its efficient and convenient features make digital, TCP / IP technology quickly recognized by the market, traditional analog intercom systems, when the cell size is too large, or more floors, it will inevitably occur due to video transmission too far away from the signal caused by ambiguity; the same time, multi-channel issues, there are congenital weakness, it is difficult to overcome a very good solution. The use of digital technology, can solve these two problems. That is, some networking standard TCP / IP protocol to transmit compressed encoded audio and video digital signals. As video, audio, control information is digitized signal, little signal attenuation problem, easily meet the requirements of long-distance transmission; In addition, the physical network using standard Ethernet network architecture, network sharing, multi-channel easily meet the requirements.

building intercom system hot property

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