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gprs remote monitoring system features
2011-11-29 09:15:32

1, the system of high stability, ensure the normal operation of equipment
Remote image capture device host chip data imported from Germany, all devices using industrial grade, low-power, high stability of the ARM embedded processor design; use the software on a stable, streamlined version of embedded linux operating system kernel and have the balance written file system, making the system with stable performance, reliable and efficient features to meet the long, uninterrupted work and maintenance needs.
2, real-time access to high-definition digital images
Wireless (EDGE), low-speed (narrowband) under the conditions of the transmission network, instant access to the remote site can be high-definition digital images.
3, clear infrared night vision function
Remote data via infrared night vision image capture device can capture nighttime images.
4, the remote can shoot, proximal control
Video surveillance client connected to the Internet, you can monitor the server via remote data transfer real-time image acquisition device to send the camera zoom, PTZ commands such as deflection angle of the camera control.
5, real-time field data collection
Emergencies through online polling and active uploads, the system management software under the control of the remote-site equipment to a variety of data collected in real time sent to the monitoring center.
6, super cold, the lens features automatic defrost
Image acquisition via remote data on the environment can automatically adjust the temperature monitoring device operating temperature, effective to prevent the camera lens and the housing of the frost.
7, and convenient power supply and power management features
Remote data image acquisition device with 12V battery power supply, a single charge for three days, if the use of solar charging system, long-term use in the field.
Remote data image acquisition device with power management function, based on need to cut off external camera, PTZ, IR night vision devices, heaters and other equipment of the power supply cooling fan to extend the battery time.
8, support the integration, scalability,
Remote data acquisition system provides a rich picture of standard communication interfaces (such as: network, RS232, RS485, USB and monitor the input terminals, etc.), with data acquisition, alarm and other external device integration, customized to achieve a variety of functional requirements; system server end of an open architecture structure can be easily from the data, services, applications and other aspects of system integration with third-party applications, providing enhanced scalability support.
9, a powerful video surveillance terminal

(1) monitoring capacity
System can support up to thousands of remote data and image acquisition devices installed capacity of thousands of client users. A client can simultaneously monitor multiple remote data image acquisition device, but at any one time images to a remote data acquisition can only be a client access.
(2) real-time images, integrated management of data
Functioning of the monitoring server management software for large-capacity real-time graphic information, field data provide the basis for integrated management of the application platform.
(3) the user rights management
Video surveillance client remote data access image acquisition devices require user authentication, the system defines two types of user: administrator users and ordinary users. Administrators can set user to modify configuration parameters monitored, ordinary users can only view the images.
(4) remote control shooting
Video surveillance client connected to the Internet, you can monitor the server via remote data transfer real-time image acquisition device to send the camera zoom, PTZ commands such as deflection angle of the camera control.
(5) improve the image management, search functions
Image monitoring data can be realized on the history of the client image data access, retrieval, digital image processing, comparative analysis and anomaly warning.
(6) remote device activity monitoring, early warning function
Video surveillance client can work to achieve the status of remote equipment monitoring, early warning of abnormal functions. The monitored parameters are: battery voltage, the device operating voltage, the communication interface working conditions, equipment temperature, ambient temperature, the camera focal length, head yaw angle and so on.
(7) a flexible system architecture to support Web applications
Image data monitoring server can run Web-based web publishing program to facilitate staff in different locations of the relevant real-time monitoring and historical image data image data.


gprs remote monitoring system features

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