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the Palace Museum security facilities situation exhibits a theft
2011-05-14 11:14:24


According to, 9th, many defend the inspection staff found a suspicious person in the Imperial Palace, its body rub with red color of the walls. Inspection staff ordered to squat and phone the superior reporting, but in the process, suspects escaped. Before opening the next day, when the Palace hospital once again focused on examination, found in the left door zhaigong “ back wall has holes, in the Palace displays prized, lost 7 pieces of cultural relics. Two Hong Kong according to the Tibet Museum curator Wang Xiahong confirmed the situation, and that the conservative estimate of stolen items worth tens of millions of Yuan. National Palace Museum theft, security facilities tightness pushed Artop again.

the Palace Museum exhibitions should pay attention to what?
From the time perspective, the Palace Museum opening, closing, exhibition, dismantling, different demands on the security system. Closed, during construction and dismantling activities essential for internal staff, most of these times, similar to the security of the Museum places of safety management. By contrast security priority for the opening period, when involved in a large number of public exhibits of protection, it security systems alarm accuracy, monitoring effectiveness, coverage is a major challenge.
From space of angle analysis, from outside to within established up Museum of depth protection system, most outer cordon by outdoor week territories alarm system, and fence composition, prevent has nothing to do personnel from external illegal intrusion Museum protection regional, is first road defense; second road Defense for building within, and outside around including channel, and out entry, and doors and Windows,, prevent has nothing to do personnel illegal entered Museum building internal; third road defense on specific target, as collections and the dedicated Treasury or dedicated Cabinet, collections repair room, and conservation room, information center, and financial room, important parts, for specifically protection. The above situations, use perimeter alarm systems, access control systems, space alerts and displays alerts for protection, and audio combined with video surveillance systems monitor and control system, for day-to-day monitoring and alerting for review, and save the video and audio evidence.
Is important to note, because of the different exhibition layout are on display at a time, showcase display will have an impact on the alarm systems and video surveillance systems and, if necessary, or even have to rearrange alarm corresponds to the point and the location of the camera points and linkage relationship. So to fit display design, the function layout resize feature, point set to the location of security system cables and cloth of adjustment should stay and redundancy.

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