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5 elements to help you select home monitoring camera
2011-04-13 09:01:57


From a technical point of view, home monitoring camera resolution should be 640x480, and frame rate/sec maximum to 30 or 25 account so that video rate is more smooth. This family monitoring cameras best support UPnP (Plug and play), to save on a router port settings.

Camera best able to meet the following 5 criteria:
1. must be a small
Home monitoring camera is designed to be compact, not because the size of the camera and easy attention, should not interfere with the family lives of the persons.

2. easily fixed
Home monitoring camera need to be easy to install and secure, camera accessories to complete, do not need to buy additional accessories to help fixed.

3. preferably wireless
Home monitoring is the best camera-wireless, you do not need any longer cabling. Wireless surveillance camera can be positioned, no cabling troubles. The only requirement is you must have a wireless router, and where to place the monitoring camera is within range of the wireless router.

4. on software installation, the simpler the better
Due to domestic monitoring camera on the set requires a certain degree of computer knowledge, therefore reducing the hassle of Setup and installation, use for domestic staff is very important.

5. remote access over the Internet
Home monitoring is the best camera for remote access over the Internet can, for example, your Office, can pass the computer can view the real-time monitoring of the home screen at any time. If you can see monitoring picture through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, that is the best choice.

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