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A detailed interpretation of face recognition
2014-08-21 09:42:54

Face recognition technology is a biometric identification technology based on human face feature information. With the acquisition of. With the acquisition of the camera or camera containing

A face image or video stream, and automatic detection and tracking of human face in image, a series of related technology and detection of face to face

Operation, usually called the face recognition, face recognition.

Detection technology to portrait mode, is the use of non contact high-end computer image analysis, model theory, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology

Pattern recognition techniques, can be done to detect the characteristics like information from a complicated background, and analyze the process of matching recognition.

With the development of science and technology and progress, a biometric technology becoming more mature and perfect, like biological recognition technology as one of the world's top

The biological recognition technology and image processing technology, in today's society, public security, the fugitive hunted, network security, financial security and many other.

Domain will play a unique and irreplaceable role, is the milepost of human social development and progress of science and technology, widely used in public security, aviation

Port, security, customs, banks, large enterprises, large conference activities, high-end clubs, important street, terminals and other places.

At present, for the complex security situation at home and abroad under the security, safety precaution bring revolutionary change.

Face recognition is a hot research field of computer technology, face tracking detection, automatic adjustment of image magnification, night infrared detection, automatic adjusting

The exposure intensity; it belongs to biometrics, is on the organism (usually refers to person) biological characteristics itself to distinguish individual organisms.

Other biological features of face and body (fingerprint, iris etc.) as a birthright, it is unique and is not easy to copy good characteristics

Authentication provides the necessary premise, compared with other types of biological recognition, face recognition has the following characteristics:

The non mandatory: you don't need to cooperate with image acquisition equipment, almost in the unconscious state can face images are acquired, such

There is no "mandatory sampling method";

Non contact: users and devices do not need direct contact can obtain face image;

Concurrency: sorting, judging and identification in practical application scenarios for more than one person can face;

In addition, also accord with the visual characteristics: "knowledge" in appearance, and has the advantages of simple operation, intuitive result, concealment.

Face recognition technology is based on the features of a person's face, the face image or video stream of input. First determine whether it face, such as

Fruit face, the location information to give each face location, size and all the main facial organs. And according to these information, into the

The identity characteristic contained one step extraction in every face, and compared it with the known face, thereby identifying each face identity. Generalized

The practical face recognition consists of a series of related technical construction of face recognition system, including facial image capture, face location, face recognition pretreatment

Science, identification and identity search; and face recognition refers to the narrow sense of identification by face or identity search technology or system

. Biological characteristics of biological feature recognition technology research including the face, fingerprint, iris, retina, palm print, voice (speech), body shape, a

People used (e.g. keyboard intensity and frequency, signature), the corresponding recognition technology with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition,

Iris recognition, retina identification, speech recognition (using speech recognition can be identification, can also carry the content of the speech recognition, only the first

Belong to the biometric identification technology), shape recognition, keystroke identification, signature recognition.

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