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About 2.4G wireless technical superiority and weak trend analysis
2011-03-07 08:30:11

Say to the 2.4 G, will users into the new wireless era. Wireless mouse, keyboard even interphone, the wireless  doorbell, all through the 2.4 G realized wireless. Theoretically, 2.4 GHz ISM band are working in a band.

ISM band is industry, science, and medical tuner. Generally speaking countries around the world are retained some wireless frequencies and used in industry, science research, and microwave medical applications. Apply these frequencies without licenses, only need to follow certain rules of the transmitted power (usually below), and not to 1W leds other band cause interference can. ISM band in all countries of the provisions are not uniform. But for all the common 2.4 GHz ISM band. Therefore (IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN b/IEEE 802.11 g), bluetooth, wireless network, ZigBee etc all can work in 2.4 GHz band.

2.4 G is really the future development trend?

The next thing to introduce the 2.4 G wireless talkback, is work in 2.4 GHz band on products. 2.4 G based on digital wireless headset is a technology? It really can than traditional FM radio strong? Can really like official says it achieve CD quality? We together to discuss it.

Advantage 2.4 G rfid technology advantage: now is digital era, since is a digital technologies, and traditional simulation technology compared with unique advantage.

Strong stability: 2.4 GHz rfid technology with special data channels, and equiped with continuous frequency hopping technique and data encryption. So, the possibility of similar frequency band is greatly reduced, and thereby reducing the signal interference between, guarantee the stability of transmission. This point and bluetooth, FM radio, or ways such as compared with distinct characteristics.

Wireless headset with multiple functions

Simple operation: and bluetooth matching different ways, by 2.4 GHz rfid technology of audio products factory have built-in pairing code, so that users in the use of are not required to deliberately to mate, just open the equipment can complete connection. Have to say, this is a small wireless devices progress.

Sound good: the physical work in 2.4 defines the ISM band GHz transmission total transmission rate design for 2Mbit/s, whereas CD 1.4 M per second grade timbre only around, so in theory 2.4 G can achieve nondestructive transmission; 2.4 G headset with headset two-way working ability

2.4 G talkback to transmit power demand is not high, it is the same for the digital transmission mode bluetooth far4. Adopt 2.4 G wireless rf transmission in playing time on the headset can easily reach nine hours, user-friendly and managing cost, guarantee the communication of sustainability.

2.4 G radio-frequency technical weakness: price higher: after all adopt 2.4 G rfid technology are not much, such technology development time also is not very long, so it caused the 2.4 G wireless cost is higher, however, we believe, with the development of technology, the cost would be lowered continually, will soon be more cost-effective products appear.

2.4 G wireless high cost: want to know, 2.4 G is a new technology, although at present the development of success, but there are many local remain to be improved. For example: 2.4 G radio-frequency scheme of bandwidth is certain, so, as fixed bandwidth is occupied, when the microphone when open timbre will is decreased; In addition, the user mobile use, have lost package, delay wait for a phenomenon.

Conclusion: a technology maturity will undergo a series of process, 2.4 G rfid technology as wireless fields of young people, Many way to go. But his potential is infinite, are those obsolete technology far4. Overall, currently USES 2.4 G technology of wireless talkback in function and timbres have well performance, how to users don't pursue too high HiFi sound quality, still very worthwhile to buy such products.

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