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Advantages and obstacles of face recognition
2014-08-21 08:58:31

Face recognition technology has appeared in changing human life, however, everything is not so perfect, as a kind of intelligent new students

Technology and he also has his shortcomings, the analysis here simple:

Face recognition advantage in where?

Face recognition advantage lies in its nature and not be measured characteristics of individual perceived.

The so-called natural, refers to the identification method with human (and other organisms) biological characteristics of individual identification by using the same. Such as face

Recognition, human is to compare face discrimination and identification, the other is natural recognition and speech recognition, shape recognition

However, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition is not a natural, because humans or other organisms do not the biological features of individual.

Not perceptible is also very important for a kind of recognition method, which makes the identification method is not objectionable, and because it is not easy to cause people's attention

Will not easily fooled. Face recognition has the features of this aspect, it fully utilizing visible light for face image information, which is different from the fingerprint identification

Don't or iris recognition, need to use electronic pressure sensor fingerprint or iris image acquisition, using infrared, these special collection.

It is easy to be aware of, and thus more likely to be deception.

What are the disadvantages of face recognition?

Although face recognition has many other recognition can not match, but it has a lot of difficulties. Face recognition is considered as a biological characteristics

Recognition and even one of the most difficult research subject in the field of artificial intelligence. Face recognition difficulties mainly face as a biometric features the band

Come. Face in the visual features:

1 little distinction between different individuals, all face are similar in shape, structure and even facial organs are very similar. Such characteristics

For beneficial use of face location, but for the individual human face distinguishing is bad.

2 the face shape is not stable, people can have many expressions using the face of change, and in different angles, visual images of human faces.

The difference, in addition, face recognition is also affected by light conditions (for example, day and night, indoors and outdoors and so on), face many covering (such as port

Cap, sunglasses, beard hair, etc.), effects of age and other factors.

In face recognition, change of first class should be enlarged as the distinction between individual standard, and second should be eliminated, because they

Can represent the same individual. The first class is usually called changes between class variation (inter-class difference), and called the second changes for the class

Change (intra-class difference). For face, the within class variation is often greater than the between class variation, so that the interference by changes within class

The case of the use of between class variation between individuals become extremely difficult.

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