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Analysis of digital technology for the development of wireless doorbell
2011-04-25 08:56:40
Basic features include bi-directional video intercom call, video call, machine monitoring, remote control lock function at the door, with the development of enhancements and user demand for additional functionality, now system also spawned image capture stores, photo comments, call recording, video recording function, each-way and stairs control functions.
And is able to integrate with access control systems, implementation of access control systems over the IP network transparent transmission. As described on the following system function performance of major equipment.

Interior extension: basic function for video intercom, call, remote control lock. Speaking of video intercom functions can be divided into the two categories of products.

Door machine: in addition to calling households, lock, and other basic features, also with infrared light, night machine must have the secondary backlight is the door of the keyboard. In addition, the machine can at the door and access control card reader with integrated, intercom systems work in conjunction with access control systems, control household can use indoor unit through the door to open the door. Door of the new machines will now have the following additional features: capture stored functions, take a message, image advertising functions. Even the door camera may be indoor remote control up and down about a full range adjustment angle field of view, ensuring the Visual range is not large enough, to apply high, short visitors Visual. Machine performance is even better, we can see that the door and humane.

Now talk of an outstanding feature of the product is an integrated alarm functions. It is understood that at present, intercom equipment manufacturers launched smart home products the vast majority of containing the content of home security, such as within the family, alarm, emergency alarms, smoke/gas alarm features such as integrated.

Intelligent home appliances home control is important implementations. So as if you were family alarm function, appliance control also now features must be configured by intercom products.

In addition, existing intercom system, users can pass the network remote control home appliances, mobile phones, fixed telephone network equipment of open and closed, thus greatly enhances the quality of life of people.

As the system becomes more digitized, development of ways of IP, system function also have significant development, indoor unit of many manufacturers launch integrated video player, music, picture frame, alarm clock, electronic books, and other functions. To facilitate the use of many intercom products also provide key ring back tone tips, audio tips, pager, voice prompts, information received, features such as photo message extraction.

Features unheard of in the past, today it is no news. At present, there are some manufacturers have integrated value-added application functionality, including property ads, features such as electronic newspapers, weather forecast, online shopping, bringing great convenience to community residents daily lives.

Central Administration is an important component of intercom system. In recent years, with the development of digital technology and TCP/IP network, intercom systems are becoming more intelligent trend is also reflected in the Management Center management capabilities. Management functions for configuring public information and community household information database capabilities; household alarm message display and logging modes of management functions; household call logging query feature; unit unlocked records management and query functionality; grade authorized security online software upgrades, and other functions.

Doorbell intercom system is a smart building district of basic configuration, in the design of new living houses, some cities have imposed. At the same time, as the market continued to expand, building intercom product manufacturers and large Interventional producer capacity in the sector and mixed, and so will be very competitive market. To survive, it is necessary to the development and, therefore, continuous improvement of technology and the introduction of new technologies and constantly makes diversification of product features will appear, will further reduce the cost, will make the doorbell market continues to expand.

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