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Application of SMS lock in the access control security.
2014-09-01 09:58:02

Mobile phone text messaging is often use the things in our life, but he is really a new application in access control. The door lock with the short message module

Combined with the research and development of a set of access control system, so that the host remote unlocking through their mobile phone number to send text messages can, by its note -- here

Is the remote unlocking, his features also lies in that it can realize remote control lock. However, some people will ask me not get what distance

The lock, let who go in ah /? That's the question, this problem is here, one case: when you are not at home, and your relatives and friends

You this time came to your door, how to do? Do you want to let them have waiting outside? When the remote unlocking comes into play. Situation

Two: when you travel in time, your relatives have important files are left in the house, then how to do? You can't, go back to the

He opens the door, tourism is not wasted? SMS remote control unlocking, sleep on the video to help you, let you happy to continue your journey without

Will delay the relatives. Of course, he also has his weaknesses: mobile phone lost how to do, there is no cost of mobile phone. But in general, security

Still quite high practical.

At present, this technology has not been widely applied, its market space is still very large. This function is combined with other access control security function to make the

Use, will be a trend in the future development of security access control. According to expert analysis, the future will be the age of the Internet of things, and the mobile phone will be selected as the complex host.

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