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Application of face recognition in the access control security
2014-08-22 09:59:59

At present domestic to card access control system equipment, fingerprint device, RFID is set. But cards and RFID are easily lost, forgotten, not only caused a great inconvenience, but also brings security hidden danger, if be criminals get card, can carry out theft. Fingerprint device can solve the problem of the card products, but about 5% of the population, can not use the fingerprint identification, and meet the change garments according to the season or when the climate is dry, often need to repeatedly can successfully identify the fingerprint, the contact can be identified easily transmitted diseases. Efficient recognition of their own R & D, low misjudgment rate (currently used by our team to not found error), face recognition access control / powerful attendance SDK, combined with modern high security access control requirements and development of face recognition access control system; this system not only solves the problems of the card class access and RFID access, at the same time also solved the problem of fingerprint identification. At the same time, this system can swipe recognition, and the traditional fingerprint recognition, combination of RFID recognition to create a higher level of security access control system to meet the requirements of high security access request under the new situation.

System advantage

1 intelligent learning and training more comprehensive in face recognition illumination conditions, make-up would have a certain impact on the speed of recognition, and the system uses intelligent learning and training mechanism so as to guarantee in various illumination conditions and cosmetic conditions were attained high speed recognition effect.

2 true identity proof - safer use card recognition or RFID recognition system can only judge the truth of the card or the chip of RFID, but could not determine the current credit card and cardholder is to judge the same; and uniqueness of face recognition is the current general people's true identity.

3 never forget or lose more convenient card or RFID devices are forgotten or lost may use the card recognition or RFID recognition; face recognition will never be forgotten or lost, you only need to be, for you

Provides the most convenient means of identity authentication.

4 hybrid identity proof - the high level of this system can be combined with the existing card access, RFID access, in order to build a higher level of security access control system is a multiple identity authentication system.

5 put an end to borrow or copy more real card or RFID has borrowed or copied, but be borrowed or copied the security system on the big discount. The face recognition can never be borrowed or

Copy, dynamic modeling approach used in this system, the possibility of being copied almost zero.

6 prevent body changes - more reliable according to statistics about 5% of the population can not use the fingerprint recognition, also encountered when change garments according to the season or climate drying need multiple recognition can be successful, may also be because the fingers peeling

Causes cannot use the fingerprint recognition and face recognition, 2014 national qualification examination Zhenti highlights the construction of economic construction project management of construction engineering and professional project management and Practice

Wu used range 3D face modeling in accuracy but also effectively avoids the use of fingerprint identification problems.

7 prevent the spread of disease - healthier fingerprint access control using contact identification easily transmitted diseases, and face recognition using contactless identification so as to effectively prevent the spread of diseases caused by contact.

8 dimensional dynamic modeling faster and more accurate face recognition generally use the single picture face feature extraction for face modeling for the static picture comparison is not a problem, but for such as access control and attendance and dynamic

Unable to reach the more requirements in the recognition speed and accuracy; and the system uses 3D dynamic modeling mode from the full range of three-dimensional modeling and feature extraction of the face feature to ensure faster recognition speed and a higher recognition accuracy.

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