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Creative thinking: can do security integration
2014-09-15 14:53:59

Today to discuss such a topic -- whether the various functions of the access control security at present together to develop a new product system, more

Security, more reliable, more cost-effective, more high-end?

What are the specific integration function:

1 face recognition function

2 the doorbell

3 visual intercom

4 intelligent door lock

5 anti-theft alarm

6 monitoring

This is just a thought idea, currently on the market only some part of the function, this is clearly a breakthrough point of the market; it is also improved the development of

A direction. While each of the above functions can bring benefits to Home Furnishing life, are indispensable. In many ways, this is indeed a

Good plan.

I believe, this set of system integration is the future of ubiquitous, people were accepted and approved. Hope that the future one day to be able to see all the family can

Enough in common use.

Of course, I also study in to this aspect development. Hopefully in the future,, and apply to the market. Also hope that there will be more business together

Make joint efforts.

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