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Development current situation and existing problems of digital intercom
2011-05-27 09:41:19


Development present situation and problems of digital intercom

(A) radio access on a global scale "analog go digital"
2008 to 2013 is the simulation of the shift to digital change period. At this stage, as part of the simulation system to complete its historic mission simulation system of equipment will be significantly reduced. Most of the market will shift towards low-cost digital intercom.

(B) DMR/DPMR standards become the mainstream of international digital radio standard
European DMR/DPMR standards have become the mainstream of international digital radio standard. ETSI publish DMR, DPMR, DSRR digital intercom standard, United States mainstream radio company Motorola has launched in 2007 based on DMR digital radio products and began selling to the world; Japan's Kenwood, ICOM Company DPMR based digital intercom product was introduced in 2008, and started in worldwide sales. Currently its main markets in North America, Terminal products market with annual sales of about for hundreds of thousands of units.

(C) form in the standard-setting process in some countries the patent advantage
In addition to the European DMR/DPMR standards, Japan and the United States also has become a country standard, with the promotion of related enterprises, which has gradually pushed the world.In standard-setting process, the advantages of these countries with technology, forming a large number of patents, these patents to other countries that tried to enter the field of digital radio standards forming a very high threshold of technology and technical barriers.

(D) international digital intercom industry currently faces problems

1. the international digital radio prices too high. At present, foreign companies the most generic chip platform for digital radio solution is based on, there is no proven digital radio chip platforms, so the solution cost is too high for the formation of, making digital radio price is too high.

2. the challenges of international financial crises. As the international financial crisis broke out, management benefit of transnational corporations substantial decline, on digital radio industry development, follow-up, direction can have a negative influence, hesitation, watching, waiting, emotions, such as serious obstacles to the development of digital radio industry abroad.

3. industrial scale cannot be formed. Because currently digital radio of average price far than in the, and low-end simulation radio of price, so now digital radio only was minority high-end of professional user by accept, therefore, even digital radio has many technology advantage, but due to price of causes, digital radio although has in high-end dedicated radio market formation part industry return, but in on price more sensitive of in the, and low-end market also no formation digital radio of industry scale. And impact of international financial crisis on the enterprise makes more difficult to form industrial scale breakthrough.

4. the digital radio industry in developed countries is still in its infancy

Due to the high international price of currently available on digital radios, most customers are price-sensitive, rarely focused on the digital characteristics of the product, in the short term, persuade the customer to give up low-cost analog system to select a number is very difficult to say. IMS consulting company pointed out that, until 2013, the worldwide popularity of low-cost digital radios. Therefore, now digital radio industry in developed countries is still in its infancy stage.

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