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Face recognition and introduce the development history
2014-08-25 11:32:06

Face recognition is a widely studied the hot issues, and large numbers of research papers emerge in an endless stream, to a certain extent have spread into "disaster" too. In order to better face recognition research history and present situation are introduced, this paper will study the history of AFR according to the characteristics of research contents, method and technology is divided into three stages, as shown in table 1. The table summarizes the research work and its technical characteristics of face recognition research history and each historical stage representative. Briefly introduced the research progress of the following three stages:

The first stage (1964 ~1990)

This stage of face recognition usually just as a general pattern recognition problem to study, mainly adopts the technical proposal that geometric feature based (Geometric feature based) method. This is reflected in the silhouette (Profile) study, carried out a large number of extraction and analysis of structure characteristics of people face silhouette curve. Artificial neural network was also used to be the researchers used for face recognition problem. Researchers earlier in the AFR study in addition to Bledsoe (Bledsoe) and Gordon Stein (Goldstein), Harmon (Harmon) and King Wu Xiong (Kanade Takeo). Kimde Takeo at the Kyoto University in 1973 completed the first AFR doctoral dissertation, until now, as Carnegie - Mellon University (CMU) a professor of Robotics Research Institute, is still one of the active character of face recognition. An important force in his research group is the face recognition. Overall, this stage is the initial stage of face recognition, important achievements are not many, basically no application.

The second stage (1991 ~1997)

This stage, despite the relatively short time, but the research of face recognition is the high tide period, has made great achievements: not only the birth of the face recognition algorithm of several representative, America military also organized a FERET face recognition algorithm of famous test, and the emergence of a face recognition system of commercial operation, such as the most famous Visionics (now Identix) FaceIt system.

The third stage (1998 ~ now)

FERET '96 face recognition algorithms evaluation shows that: face recognition technology mainstream of illumination, posture and so on due to non ideal conditions of acquisition or object does not cooperate with robust change caused by poor. Therefore, illumination, pose problems gradually become the focus of research. At the same time, the further development of commercial face recognition system. Therefore, USA military based on testing by FERET respectively in 2000 and 2002 organize evaluation two commercial system.

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