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Face recognition technology has brought to Home Furnishing security role
2014-08-29 08:48:56

Face recognition technology has brought great effect to the Home Furnishing security access control, advanced technology which will replace the previous (such as key access control system

Spoon, fingerprint, password); but in recent years the market situation, face recognition access control system is not fully capture the market: first he

The price is higher than other access control system, then his operation is relatively complex, so most of the families have not yet fully accepted and give up before the door

No system. On the contrary, if the face recognition access control system to obtain the comprehensive use of access control system, then, the other (such as keys, fingerprint, password

Code) will slowly out of the market, so a lot of enterprises will face closure; of course, he will also create new enterprises more; as a whole,

Face recognition access control system is to help people, social development, this is the market trend. Face recognition technology is not only the access control security.

Has played a huge role, in other areas is also plays an important role.

At present our company is developing a set of building face recognition access control security system, in order to increase the face recognition work in existing digital video building intercom system

Can make the identity authentication, diversification, especially R & D gate machine having a face recognition function of the intelligent building intercom system. This is the new technology.

Operation, more intelligent. This is a new breakthrough in the basic building intercom, more scientific, more secure; believe that there will be a better future,

Market prospect. Human society is in progress, social development, our products have continuous improvement, innovation, so as to keep pace with the times, to

Long-term development.

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