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Face recognition technology is used in what areas?
2014-08-21 09:50:09

At present, biometric identification technology has been widely used in government, military, banking, social security, e-commerce, security and defense fields. For example, a

A customer walked into the bank, he neither take bank card, no memory password straight drawing, when he was drawing in the drawing machine, a camera

The user's eye scanning, and then quickly and accurately complete the user authentication, to complete the business. This is American United of Texas Silver

A real shot of a business line in the. And the business department is the iris recognition system of modern biological identification technology. "

System". In addition, American "9.11" after the incident, the anti terrorist activity has become the consensus of governments, it is very important to strengthen the security and defense airport.

America Vizag companies face like two airport make the mare go recognition technology in American, it can in the crowd out a face, judge

He Is it right? Wanted.

With the technology to mature and improve social identity, face recognition technology will be applied in more fields.

1, enterprises, residential security and management. Such as face recognition access control system, anti-theft door, face recognition.

2, electronic passport and ID card. This is perhaps the largest future application, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have been identified, from 2010 onwards, the 118

Member countries and regions, must use the machine readable passports, face recognition technology is the first recognition mode, the regulation has become an international standard. China

The electronic passport security is stepping up to plan and implement.

3, public security, judicial and criminal investigation. Such as the use of face recognition system and network, a nationwide manhunt.

4, self service. Such as ATM bank, if the user card and password theft, will be others take the cash. If the application

Face recognition can avoid this situation.

5, information security. Such as computer login, e-government and e-commerce. All in the net to complete the transaction in e-commerce, e-government.

Many have moved online approval process. At present, the transaction or the examination and approval authority is realized by the password, if the password was stolen, could not

To ensure safety. But the use of biological characteristics, can achieve the digital identity in online and real identity, thereby greatly increasing the electron

The reliability of e-commerce and e-government system.

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