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How to improve the safety awareness?
2014-10-30 08:54:59

In recent years our country non normal mortality increased gradually, all kinds of accidents happen frequently. From the recent observation, accident death many teenagers, visible their safety awareness is very low, the reflection of school education. However, recently, there are a lot of burglary murder case, visible Home Furnishing security can not be ignored. Especially in the end, the thief, burglary, theft of color, such as occurred more frequently; therefore, people should strengthen the safety consciousness.

As the saying goes, only one life, money can come again; all life to safety as the first. Although at a time of national peace and order, but still want to 'the heart of man is not.'.

What I recommend is some security standing knowledge and to do:

1 for entertainment, not to play over, overwork, to prevent sudden death; to rest in a timely manner, to know when.

The 2 summer special attention is a waterproof, children drowned by the very high frequency

3 any time: young girl remember, not a single trip, especially at night.

4 the home, do not open the door to strangers, and can be installed wireless visual doorbell, video surveillance and security equipment, see come, in determining whether to open the door.

5 do not leak the wealth rich, the street is easily robbed, see a lot.

There are a lot of need everybody to pay attention, here not much said; in short, everywhere have safety protection consciousness, to all life safety first.

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