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Technical advantage of face recognition
2014-08-22 09:58:06

Much attention in today's society, the problem of information security. Its security and personal privacy protection has become a hot topic of this era. Based on password

, personal identification code, magnetic card and keys and other traditional security measures can not fully meet the social requirements. In such a context, we look

To identify or confirm the biometric technology -- the physical characteristics or behavioral characteristics inherent in the human body to the identity of the.

The advantage of face recognition technology

Face recognition is a new biometric identification technology (Biometrics), and iris recognition, fingerprint, palm

Compared with the shape scanning technology, face recognition technology has unique advantages in application:

1 easy to use, user acceptance of high. Face recognition technology used in general camera as identification information acquisition device, in a non contact at

To complete the identification process to identify objects were not aware of the circumstances.

2 intuitive highlights. Using the technology of face recognition is the basis of the facial image, and the face is undoubtedly the most intuitive information eyes can distinguish

Source, convenient artificial recognition, audit, "judge people by outward appearance" conforms to the cognitive rules..

3 recognition accuracy, speed. Compared with other biometrics, face recognition technology is a high level of recognition accuracy, error rate

Repudiation, low rate of.

4 is not easy to counterfeit. In applications where high safety requirements, face recognition technology requirements identification object must visit recognition field, others difficult to counterfeit

. Face recognition technology unique active discriminant ability ensures that others cannot be inactive photos, puppets, wax to deceive the recognition system. This

Is a fingerprint biometric technology is difficult to do. For example, a legitimate user finger can fake a legitimate user's identity and the general

No system can not detect.

5 the use of general equipment. Face recognition technology the use of equipment for the general PC, cameras and other conventional devices, due to the current computer, closed circuit

Television monitoring system has been widely used, so the 2014 national qualification examination of construction workers.

Cheng Jingji architectural engineering construction project management regulations professional project management and practice in most users use face recognition technology need not add

A large number of special equipment, which can protect the user's original investment and expansion of the user's existing equipment function, satisfies the user security need


The 6 base material is easy to obtain. Face recognition technology based on face images face photos or real-time uptake, which is undoubtedly the most easily


7 low cost, easy to use. Due to the use of the technology of face recognition is the general equipment, prices are generally acceptable to the user.

Within the range, compared with other biometric technology, face recognition products with high performance price ratio. Broadly speaking, human face recognition technology

Is a high accuracy, easy to use, high stability, difficult to counterfeit, high ratio of biometric identification technology, has the extremely broad market application


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