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The ancient VS modern doorbell doorbell
2014-09-23 11:51:28

The ancient bell:

As early as in ancient Chinese already appeared the doorbell, it seems Chinese ancient or pretty manners, quite elegant. Before the bell is what kind of? There is such an idiom story called "self deception", everybody wants to know.

There is a lot of people on the door there are two knocker, also played the role of the bell. "The bell" in the common people family has widespread application, every kind of the "bell" meet the eye everywhere. An ancient bell is to notice, the two is to play a decorative role, in general, simple, beautiful, environmental protection, no pollution.

Modern doorbell:

The doorbell development today, "the bell" role is not only limited to the door for guest use, and the gas alarm, bicycle passive, fire call, regularly reminded, and many other functions. At present the main is electronic doorbell, but his disadvantages of high power consumption, consumption of resources, the sound is too big it will cause noise pollution. But he brings effect is big, but compared to the ancients, we modern people used also as before widespread. In today's society, the door bell culture is slowly being remembered, have also begun into people's lives. At present, some high-end residential villas and other are beginning to use, and the combination of access control system, the integrated use of visual system. The bell has now developed into a variety of styles, the mainstream: visual doorbell, wireless doorbell, doorbell, face recognition access control doorbell doorbell gating combined with access control, etc.. On the function in the improvement and the innovation of science and technology, higher, stronger function.

In general, the characteristics of ancient and modern. The doorbell can be said of our cultural heritage, can "retro", but to have a degree, have innovation; diversified development also have not cannot, find out the breakthrough point is the key. Remember, this is a kind of culture, to let people have the cultural heart, can there be than before more market.

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