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To speed up the development of urbanization is inseparable from the community buliding intercom system
2011-03-07 08:51:01

With the acceleration of urbanization, large communities has become the subject of residential buildings.

buliding intercom public facilities as district, and responsible for security community public safety and provide convenience for the residents of dual responsibility, some unstable landing-answer product causing frequent emergence of short-circuit, breakers, image unable to show, sound interference problems, such as to a developer, project traders, property management department and user caused a lot of trouble, but equipment repair and debugging, replacement, even it is LaoShiDongZhong, not only affect the use of user, also influence building image. Therefore, equipment stability for the entire landing-answer system in the top priority, and is not only to product quality first appeal. Meanwhile landing-answer industry will products as the lifeline of the development of technological innovation, only constant innovation (whether it is technically, function and cost), can help landing-answer enterprise sustainable development. "Stable than all, innovation never finishing" is not only landing-answer industry product slogan, also landing-answer industry insists for developers, project traders and user responsible resolute attitude.

Nowadays in lifebuliding intercom application has been increasingly generalization, its technical innovation also support for all into. Domestic its product features in the following aspects:

First, a digital cordless phones with landing-answer system perfect union, wireless network and the closure will be processed via a single landing-answer network clever blended. Opens up a new field of landing-answer industry.

Second, household isolation, without electricity standby, not only greatly improve the stability of system, at the same time, prolong the service life of product, accomplish truly family isolation is the village networking type visible interphone of the stability of the system is the most important factors in the networking system development is of great significance.

Third, the product has the support VIOP video phone call, support, support WIFI phone functions. Provide customers with numerous interface, equipped with various upgrade solutions.

Fourth, the product has integrated digital photo frame, video playback, information release, and other functions. Through video advertising information transmission, it not only greatly improved resident mutual communication, but also for residents in a domestic security, home entertainment provided many practical function. Let household always feel technology has brought about a better life.

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