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What are the common access control system in live
2011-03-04 08:49:07
With the electronic intelligence level of the society, now we see the access control system based on different input devices media and methods can be divided into:

Password access control systems, card access control system, fingerprint access control systems

Password access control system: by entering the password, the system determine the password correct driving electric lock, opens the door release. Advantage: just remember password, without having to carry other media. The lowest cost. Disadvantages: slow, typically takes several seconds enter the password, if the person in and out too much, need to be queued. If an input error, also need to enter, take longer. Weak security, people tend to pass next to gesture of remembering passwords, password is easy to forget or leaks. Trend: password access control using the occasion less only in low security requirements, low cost, the use is still in use on frequent occasions. For example: safe.

Card access control system: based on the type of card contact card access control system is divided into (magnetic stripe card barcode card) and non-contact card (also called induction card RFID) access control system. Contact card access control system since contact cards easy to wear, not much use, easy to damage the card and so on, using range has become less and less, and only bank card (magnetic card) on the occasion was used, for example: Bank VIP channel access control systems, unmanned machine of access control systems and other local industry is still in use in the field. Non-contact IC cards, because of its durability high price/performance good read speed security advantages are the current mainstream of access control systems. Therefore, many people referred to as non-contact IC card access control system access control system.

Biometric access control system: depending on the biological characteristics of human body and identity access control system. Common: fingerprint access control system (everyone's fingerprint patterns characteristic of differences), access control system for Blade (bones of the hand shapes of everyone there is a difference) IRIS access control system (everyone's retina by optical scanning of differences) portrait identification access control system (features different characteristics and location of each person). Advantages of biometric access control system are: no need to carry cards and other media, less chance of a repeat, not easily copied, high security. The disadvantages are: high cost. Due to the biological identification than on many parameters, slower than the speed, not conducive to the excessive number of occasions. Biological characteristics of the human body will vary with the environment and time of change, therefore prone to rejection rate (obviously this man, but his biological characteristics have changed, but do not think I), for example: fingerprint due to seasonal and dry relative humidity varies, blade and portrait because of age changes, Iris changes due to an eye illness. Therefore, although advanced biometric access control systems and security, but the limited scope of application, only the numbers are small, high security requirements, do not worry about the cost applied high minority areas, not the mainstream of the current access control system.

Application access control system based on their applications and objects also have some derivative forms. For example: parking management system for access management, Metro access control system for metro transit charges.

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