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Wireless doorbell indoor screen display
2011-04-08 10:32:32

1. Image of starting

Turn the power switch to ON and the screen display this image for 2 seconds ,.. When goes into standby state,  the system automatically turn off the screen image of monitor up

2. The picture of time adjustment
When it’s standby,  press left / right to enter time adjustment screen, press the left/right/ up/down key on the menu to adjust the time freely, it also shows the temperature outdoor.

3. Image of volume adjustment

To adjust the brightness of screen freely by the up/down key on the menu while it’s working!

adjusting range: 0-9

4. Taking photographs

 Press monitor key for 3 seconds and it shows “P” symbol indicating that it has entered  the photo-taking mode. Capture the outer view


On standby mode, press the monitor key for 1 sec and it shows “little eye” mark indicating that it has entered continuous monitor mode i.e.

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