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Wireless transmission range of application
2011-02-25 08:26:49
1, wireless security monitoring system which is the maximum use of this module, with a strong, low power consumption, small size, looks subtle advantage, where you can use too much. AC power supply for transmitter and receiver, combined with SS2000CA color camera can make up a complete wireless monitoring systems. If combined with human detection circuit, such as radar intrusion sensors, Pyroelectric sensor to detect the human body, when people start when entering the monitored area wireless remote control encoder, a power on directives issued, turn on the VCR video in the distance, if matching a few more launches (4) in different rooms, you can change channel at the receiving end of the method to monitor in turn more rooms.

2, Super view of the model of r/c mini wireless remote control of the sound image transmission system makes high-end model to add a bright "electronic eye" ultra view remote control, because the system size and power consumption is very small, they are able to easily retrofit to the internal model cars or boats, power and model for controlling power of the public. Through micro-monitor you just lay in bed, can drive the car model to other rooms, see where there is no static? or driving to the middle of the lake boat to see where the little animal. Or installed on the remote control helicopters, from an upper floor overlooking the city you are familiar with.

3, and wireless Visual door mirror or image monitor system market Shang sold of Visual doorbell usually is cable transmission, if you of home has decoration has, General is difficult to layout video audio cable, here can using ultra small form factor wireless sound image transmission system, through TV will door of sound, and image show to, micro camera can using with sound monitoring function of installation in door of suitable location, through wireless audio-visual launches device will signal launches came, wireless audio-visual receives device can to receives to of sound and image signal into TV of AV entered socket, so you heard door ringtones Hou as long as to TV switch to AV State on can see door of come, heard he of sound. You can also buy a 4-inch or 5 inch LCD monitors specifically monitor, there are many such small LCD monitors on the market today, which monitors imported second-hand LCD modifications, the price is relatively cheap, uneven quality. True colour TFT LCD display screen and pseudo color SNT, pseudo color with a low price, a dynamic trailing, rapid change in the image will be blurred, primarily dynamic response time, false-color type is not suitable for display TV pictures or VCD, but general security monitoring and image changes are not severe, false-colour monitor is cheap. True-color image colorful, the view width no dynamic trailing phenomena, and better performance. But different color LCD performance considerably, mainly issues of perspective and color reproduction, it is important to seeing is believing!

4, wireless mobile photo video forensics system began on April 1, 2002, were recorded in the Court to shoot the stealing of evidence to be used, and before this Court is not recognized, so wireless mobile photo video forensics system has great practical value. If the sound image transmission device wireless receiver video output signal into a small home recording machine, you can achieve the dual functions of monitoring and recording. Small video machines were sold in 8mm digital video recording machine, make sure to use a model of analog video/audio input and output functions. Most of this small video recording machine with 2.5~4-inch LCD screen, from your screen monitor images can be displayed, and you can use video ultra micro wireless appliance image recorded tracks, which greatly improve the security and evidentiary effect. Currently sold in small digital video recording machine types a lot, mostly portable, such as the DCR? TRV410E、310E、210E、110E,CCD? TRV66E,DCR-TRV900E. Although the above models are smaller, but compared to super mini camera is much larger, and hidden and mobility was limited. The entire system requires a two-person combined with transmit and receive operation, while two distances are always kept in a practical and effective range of the wireless transceiver, you can roam to track goals for real-time monitoring, and accurately collect video and audio, as needed, not only suitable for areas of security, can also be used to require mobile tracking and monitoring of a variety of scientific investigation and so on.

5, high altitude surveillance if wireless mini camera and imaging device tethered or hydrogen balloons helium balloon can carry high-altitude monitoring for a long time, you can see the far goal, to large gatherings, and water is otherwise unable to complete the image on monitor.

6, the automotive wireless burglar alarm system if the image coding control circuit vibration displacement sensors such as ND-1 and wireless transmission system can form a practical security and video surveillance systems, there is market potential. This type of circuit is simple, webmasters can also frame design.

7, the RC-covert surveillance systems ultra miniature pinhole camera combined with micro-transmitter coupled with appropriate charging battery can make up the wireless surveillance devices, if encoded remote control circuits power supply remote control launcher can achieve long time monitoring at any time, this device can easily be placed in a plush toy, covert surveillance, use a very wide range.

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