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wireless video intercom doorbell operation instructions
2011-03-24 08:40:02


Please connect the E-lock with power ,connect the power of the camera and turn on the monitor. Then press the Monitor for 1 second to turn on the outdoor monitoring image, adjust it to the best state by adjusting the brightness, the specific operation is as follows:

Operation of the doorphone
The visitor presses the call button of the camera ,the monitor will sounds and show the image of visitor .If the host answers , press the Talk to speak to the visitor, press the Unlock to release the door while intertalking, if the host doesn't press Talk ,he can hear the voice of the visitor ,however,the visitor cannot be conscious of the circumstances inside .Press the Unclock key to release the door ;if the host isn't in or doesn't go on with more operation after 30 seconds the monitor screen will shut off and save the image of outdoor automatically.

2) The operation of the monitor
If there is no calling from the camera,the user has to monitor the outdoor circumstance through the indoor monitor, pressing the Monitor button for 1 second to get into 24H monitoring .Press Talk to speak,press it again can start the E-lock , press Unlock to release the door and press Monitor to shut off the image screen.

3) Instruction for taking photos :
When it’s standby, pressing Monitor for 3 seconds to turn up the photo mode ; pressing Talk to take photos of outdoor , press 1 time for 1 photo, to look through all of the photos kept by up,down,left and right buttons.Press the monitor again to delete all of the photos and there can keep 100 pcs pictures at most. One more press on Talk to exit the browse mode and going into active image mode ,then press the Monitor for 3 seconds can exit the photo mode.

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