• wireless video building intercom system HZ-BS-24S
  • wireless video building intercom system HZ-BS-24B

Product Description

Building wireless video system, mainly by the indoor unit, door machine, converter, hosts.

Single-chip technology, duplex intercom technology, coms camera and video imaging technology and design of a visitor identification information management intelligent electronic control system. Loumen usually always in lock state, avoiding the floor staff to enter the building without permission. The building's tenants can use the key or password to open the door freely. When a visitor, the intercom outside the building to be in the host keyboard, press the room number of households interviewed, interviewed residents of the intercom call extension, connected with the owner of the interviewed households or two-way video calls call. Through dialogue or image to confirm the identity of visitors, residents host allow visitors to enter, use the unlock button on the intercom extension at the front door open on the electric lock, visit the guests will be able to enter the building. Visiting guests to enter, the doors of the parlor automatic locking.

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