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Building face recognition access control applications

In order to increase the face recognition function in the existing digital video building intercom system, make the identity authentication of diversification, especially R & D gate machine having a face recognition function of the intelligent building intercom system

One, industry background

The progress of human society, aggravated the serious polarization between the rich and the poor, many because of their various reasons caused by the life of poor people become thieves, robbers. In recent years, burglary, robbery events It is often seen., investigate its reason, not certain building security flaw. At present, most of the building of access control are key to open the door way, because of the long existence of reason, the key is known to the world, is the so-called "road, civil Zhangs", the key to the lawless elements, has been useless. Today, Hong Zhao technology to solve these problems, using facial recognition technology, specifically for the building security and the design of the "building face recognition intelligent entrance guard system", will bring the remarkable promotion to the safety of buildings.

Two, system overview

Face recognition using high-tech to traditional keys for unlocking the face as a "key" to replace the system, the "key" absolute only, not lost. Installing terminal building door in face recognition, face of household registration, as open "key" only legitimate residents of identity recognition, success can open the door, once a lawless elements to enter the building, to detect inconsistent, triggering the alarm signal, the occupants and managers to send a warning signal, and take the criminals photo, prevent the thief.

Three, system.

Identification mode four, face recognition access control system

1 identification models: a one-way inductive (face recognition + button + lock) authorized persons outside the recognition by the host identification, identity, and controller driver opened the lock release, and record in time. Press the door button, open the lock, directly out of. Applicable to the security level of general environment, can effectively prevent the illegal entry of foreign staff. Is the most commonly used management mode. Mode two: bidirectional inductive (face recognition and face recognition. The lock) authorized persons outside the recognition by the host identification, identity, and controller driver opened the lock release, and record in time. The user leaves the control room, the door also authorized recognition in the door, the host recognition legal identity, and controller driver opened the lock release, and record in time. Applicable to the higher security level of the environment, not only can effectively prevent the foreign personnel illegal entry, and can query the last person to leave and time specific period (for example, easy theft) provide evidence responsibility. Mode three: face recognition and face recognition card: card, must, in order to open the door. The advantage of this is that, for better security situation, even if the credit card you can not enter, also need to face recognition. And can be carried out conveniently mode settings, such as for a door, some people have to card and face recognition are allowed in, some people can face recognition, without credit card can enter, the highest authority of the people enter the super password can also release.

Functional characteristics, system five

Flexible permission management can set a person can have which a few doors, or a person can have all the doors. Can also be arranged some person can have what door. The results can be provided according to the door or the arrangement, the user can clearly see a door which people can live, or someone the door. Stick out a mile, and can be printed or exported to Excel statements. Time management function can set a person to a door, a few weeks can be entered, every three points to a few can enter. Offline by software settings after uploading, the controller will remember all permissions and record all information, even if the computer software and computer shutdown, the system can still normal offline normal operation, even if the power outage information is never lost. Real time surveillance photos show door state display function can be real-time monitoring of all door card and out of the situation, it can display card in computer photos stored in advance, so that the security guards and I check. If the door magnet signal line is connected, the user can stick out a mile to see which door is open, which door is closed. Real time recording the legitimate card showed in green, illegal card records to orange way of recording, alarm records displayed in red, to remind the security personnel attention. If installing video access control equipment, when customers enter real-time photography and video. Real time extraction function the user can real-time monitoring, automatic extraction in the controller records, brush a upload a computer database. Forced closing and forced open the door if some door needs a long time to open, can be set via software which is normally open, some need long time off doesn't want anyone to get into it, can be set to normally closed. Or some specific time, such as closing thief etc. can also be set to normally closed. Remote door, functions of the administrator can after receiving instructions, click on the software interface "remote door" button on the remote to open a door. Remote opening record by setting can create records.

In the high stability of the system, the verification process does not need to contact the equipment, so equipment more durable, and health;

In recognition of high precision, fast identification speed, cannot replace the face, high safety;

directly through the face recognition, not to forget to take the key can not open the door of the trouble, do not have to worry about losing keys or key stolen by others;

In many kinds of recognition optional mode: single face recognition; password + face recognition; ID card, IC card and face recognition

The self learning function: with the change in hair, skin, age and other dynamic update face database, ensure the face template database is always new, thus always correctly recognize the face;

environmental adaptability is good: not affected by ethnicity and gender; no light effect, work 24 hours a day

In the dual camera design, suitable for persons with different heights, old children can identify.

Six, application

Access to the building, villa for access control

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