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Face recognition module, which is mainly used for face detection and recognition. Mainly by the video processing system, power supply system, and the interface system. The module uses face recognition algorithm leading international, realize offline face recognition; can provide data communication protocols, can be compatible with various software and hardware equipment, and can be applicable to various authentication. The product is not in direct contact with the user, can take the initiative to obtain image information is identified, sorting, judging and identification for more than one person can face and in practical application scenarios. This module uses the latest Face Image+ V4.0 face recognition algorithm of face feature as the basis to identification; and with the powerful DSP processor, so that the face recognition module to realize high accurate recognition rate and long term stability. With intelligent self learning function; provide 2 channel video input, 1 channel audio input 1 audio output; support for TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Wiegand 26, USB protocol and I/O interface, support for built-in SD card; support USB data export; support the external serial GPRS function. According to the different needs of users, face recognition module can support the access controller, card reader, Ethernet, audio / video equipment, alarm and other peripheral equipment. The module provides the interface, the user can be involved in all the peripheral interface and module docking, the rapid completion of the design features for face recognition based products, can greatly enhance the performance of the original products in terms of security.

Function characteristics

With face recognition, to replace the original user identity authentication mode (for example: password, smart card etc.), special infrared camera module (LCD camera module is located directly below, as close as possible to the infrared light board (LCD), infrared light board should be surrounded by the camera module and LCD) special infrared light panel adopts unique Face Image+ V4.0 new face recognition algorithm, combined with the high performance DSP processor, the recognition accuracy is higher, the recognition speed is faster, more stable.

Strong ability to adapt, not affected by gender, ethnicity, recognition of facial expressions, beard and hair changes with the template self learning function, can change along with the hair, skin color, age and other dynamic update face database, ensure database template always for the users of the most recent information, thus always correct face recognition by peripheral equipment operation, the module such as: add, edit, delete user information such as operation. Support upload photos, all data is stored in the module.

· strong compatibility. Data interface supports various types of protocol, can adapt to the environmental needs different peripheral equipment.

External GPRS control module, can realize the identification record SMS notification (optional).

And small size, rich interface, and peripheral docking flexible, simple.

Product performance:

Product application environment: suitable for semi outer room environment, installed in the entrance area, building entrance; environment temperature -20 ℃ -45 ℃, the temperature is ≤ 95%; the recognition speed can reach E5: recognition, recognition of angle: up and down about 15 degrees, the camera installation angle: the camera from the ground 1.16 meters, tilt the camera plane and vertical direction of 25 degrees -33 degrees, the height of a person standing position 170, from 65 cm is the best recognition equipment, mobile stand and position as well as the stepping down, can be suitable for identification of 1.5-1.85 meters tall people, 25 degrees to 33 degrees, the personal higher up, recognition with the bending movements more. Due to the installation environment prone to pedestrians or objects, and ensure the lamp life, the key trigger the induction of the human body. Between face module and building intercom module data exchange using SPI communication.

The use of process:

1 user registration: through the keyboard keys in the menu, "registration face", face face registration module to complete the entire process, and store user number and face feature code and other related data, successfully register a successful instruction, and the user signature code is sent to the building intercom module, sending the intercom module will send the data to the client software backup.

2 user identification module completes the human body induction function: face recognition, start. Identification identification result through SPI sent to the building intercom module, module is not stored identification record local face.

Face module is responsible for all registered users and user identification process and its parameter setting, building intercom module is responsible for its parameter setting and operating, LCD shared two module between the display and the keyboard keys, all data interaction through the SPI communication protocol.