• WiFi wireless doorbell with the human body infrared sensor
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with wireless magnetometer
  • Wireless video door control system HZ-LA-35B
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with smoke, gas detector
  • WiFi intelligent doorbell
Product Description

Detailed functional description:

1 smoke alarm function (matched)

2 gas alarm function (matched)

3 visiting bell notice

4 unidentified people through the infrared induction (matched)

5 high-definition camera, mobile phone video

6 mobile phone remote unlocking function

Can with mobile Unicom, can timely send the message to your mobile phone, and further enhance the level of your home security.

Installation can have two, 1 door, 2 walls

Increase the face recognition function of two generation scheme on the basis of this, further enhance the access control security level.

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