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SMS lock system



With the continuous development of society, science and technology, intelligent Home Furnishing is coming into our life, Home Furnishing intelligent will also become a trend; and the mobile phone will become the carrier of the entire control system.

Mobile phone SMS lock has begun to market, to the old people family.


Choose his reason?


When you are not at home, and your relatives, friends also happens this time come to your doorstep, how do? Then SMS unlock it played a role; using SMS remote unlock, so since you do not have relatives and friends anxiously waiting outside the door.

When Hou you still work, but your kids come home and forgot the key, then unlock SMS played a key role.
Future Smart Home (IOT) will be popular, and this is an inevitable trend. As the intelligent control of the terminal will also converge on the phone, the phone will control everything at home



Realization of remote door and method of mobile phone short message:

Including the steps:

A, gated terminal CPU module through text messages from mobile phone short message;

B, CPU gating terminal through parsing the message access;

C, parsing is gated by CPU terminal, corresponding control unlocking operation.

Realization of remote door and method based on the mobile phone SMS project provides, through the gating terminal is installed in the SIM card and short message receiving module, receiving messages from mobile phone terminal, and the content of the message parse, if through the analysis, the control module controls should lock the door open, so as to avoid the because forget carrying keys, and cannot take the door problem, at the same time, ensure that the user's home security.