• WiFi wireless doorbell with smoke, gas detector
  • Wireless video door control system HZ-LA-35B
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with wireless magnetometer
  • Mobile phone WiFi wireless doorbell scheme
  • WiFi intelligent doorbell
Product Description

WiFi wireless doorbell and a human body infrared sensor supporting the use of


1, A-100R uses the microcomputer control infrared pyroelectric sensor, and an automatic control type load wall lighting lamps and other mobile automatic induction of human body

Electronic energy-saving switch, is widely used in the stairs, walkways, Restroom, elevator and many other public places.

2, when the human body enters into the switch sensing range, switching microcomputer system can sense the movement of the human body infrared heat release changes, at the same time automatically open

Lighting lamps, until the induction to the left after a period of time and then shut down automatically, to people to light, people from the automatic control effect when the lights;

3, the light bright enough, switch off automatically; when the light is dark, the switch can switch on the power saving capability stronger.

4, when the light is dark enough (brightness values can switch factory settings), people automatically open in the induction range of activities, delay, after the departure of people

About 16 seconds -30 seconds automatically shut down, can also according to customer requirements, the factory settings.

5, with the ordinary wall switch (single) connection mode is consistent, can directly replace the existing wall switch.

6, the species used class VO flame retardant materials, the highest flame-retardant level safe and reliable; at the same time using in line with international standards R0HS production lines, more

Environmental protection, for your health escort.

7, use 86 series of classic design, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and compared with similar products with stronger anti-interference ability.


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