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Wireless IPCamera






IP Camera is a web camera, it is a kind of generated by the traditional camera and network technology combined with a new generation of camera. IP Camera is a production of digital video stream, and the camera video stream is transmitted through wired or wireless network, has gone beyond geographical restrictions, as long as the network can perform remote monitoring and video, will greatly save installation cost of wiring, truly remote monitoring without boundaries.





The technical specifications of WIFI monitoring:

1 the use of advanced H.264 coding, to achieve ultra low bit rate data quantity, high clear picture. Wireless transmission distance farther, indoor applications to wear 3-4 wall.

2 two-way voice coding (16KHz, Audio, 16bit, G.711/G.726) to support mobile phone talkback, clear voice.

3.SDIO WIFI video transmission module and audio, compatible with 802.11b/g, let you whenever and wherever possible the monitoring and recording

4.720*576720*480640*480 and other clear picture. Mobile phone view is clear and smooth.

5.APP software can be installed in the intelligent machine Android mobile phone and Android Tablet, apple IOS APP support remote monitoring 3G/WIFI place can real-time understand family inside the case.

The 6.WIFI connection routing. Computer to install the software, can monitor. In support of the 4 division display monitor.

7 built-in micro_TF slot, supports up to 32G.

8 using 1/4, COMS digital camera, auto IR_CUT, LED night vision illumination distance of 10 meters.

9 support up and down, left and right rotation cruise, all-round angle monitoring (level 350 degrees / 120 degrees vertical)

WIFI wireless video doorbell template standard PCB board, small volume, low cost, and can be applied to various housing schemes.







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