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3G technology in the application of wireless video doorbell
2012-10-16 09:48:34


3G technology has gained popularity in the mobile phone industry, also caused more attention on 3G technology, wireless video doorbell for 3G Hydrangea is highlighted particularly, the following up and have a look the wireless doorbell visual application of 3G technology brings convenience.

1 of the traditional 2.4G technology wireless video doorbell, limited to the number of indoor machine, with certain restrictions, and the application of 3G technology can make the door machine is connected with a mobile phone, whether in the room can easily be visitors call information, still can pass a mobile phone to see visitors image, and dialogue.

In 2, when the owner is away, you can use the 3G mobile phone call home 3G intelligent security building extension number, can be seen on home and villa area surrounding the monitor screen. Can freely switch between one camera monitoring point.

In 3, when the gas leak occurred, burglars, elderly sudden illness, home burglar alarm detection parts can be the first time the alarm information is reported to the 3G intelligent security intercom extension, extension to host 3G mobile phone, can immediately see the home in real-time video surveillance images. Convenient host on the home alarm accurately, timely treatment

In 4, when he went out suddenly reminded of home what is completed, can be used as mobile phone watch.

In 6, when the host forgets the garage is locked or window is closed and the pet is safe, can remotely view field and remote call pet name

In 7, the master can even remote control switches, air conditioning, close the faucet, remote to close gas pipeline, remote off outlets gate etc..

In 8, and small public broadcasting system network or villa since the broadcasting system network, their morning exercise or exercise opening music and so on the river.

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