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New upcoming! Mobile phone WiFi wireless doorbell hot hits!
2014-11-14 14:02:36

In recent years, the security industry is developing rapidly, various security products continually pouring; accompanied by China intelligent Home Furnishing growth, to the product intelligent requirements

Improve constantly too, this is the same as the doorbell access. Quality of product updates,, levels are gradually improve. The bell from the original cable

, to wireless, to intelligent is quietly turned gorgeous. But the ultimate goal is to meet the demands of consumers, providing security for our life

A full and convenient.

In such a market demand, R & D team I company carefully developed a mobile phone WiFi wireless doorbell, can connect with other Home Furnishing intelligent products

Home Furnishing, realize intelligent. The utility of greatly enhanced, stylish appearance, durable quality, content of science and technology is the industry - leading level. Home security

The indispensable products in.

To introduce the characteristic:

The breakthrough point: compared with ordinary wireless doorbell, display equipment focus on mobile phones, not in a display device of others, are fully mobile control.

This system is composed of a combination of product upgrade version of the bell and mobile phone. Set a variety of functions, greatly improving the home security level. Shape

The high-end fashion, easy to use, intelligent tide; if combined with smart home is more perfect, home security indispensable production

Product. And other future intelligent product standards, the implementation of intelligent home life.

Detailed functional description:

1 smoke alarm function (matched)

2 gas alarm function (matched)

3 visiting bell notice

4 unidentified people through the infrared induction (matched)

5 high-definition camera, video through mobile phone

6 mobile phone remote unlocking function

Can with mobile phone Unicom, can timely send the message to your mobile phone, and further enhance the security level of your Home Furnishing.

Installation can have two, 1 door, 2 walls

Increase the face recognition function of two generation scheme - on the basis of this, further enhance the access control security level.

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