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Wireless video doorbell security definition in
2012-10-15 12:00:34


Wireless video doorbell main function for visitors and confirmation of the remote opening of the people, and this function in the security has important significance, present wireless video doorbell has increasingly focused on the function of the system, have made a number of optimization, the author will introduce to you one one.

1 access area

Also known as the delay are deployed in the system will provide a certain amount of time to access areas of delay time, the delay time after going out, trigger delay defense alarm system. At the time of entry of trigger delay standoff, controller in the delay time send buzzing, as the garrison system prompt signal, must be in the set delay time on the system operation, otherwise it will alarm. The zone type is suitable for users of the import / export operation keyboard classics.

The 2 instant defense

In the system after setting the alarm is triggered immediately, without delay time.

The 3 internal defense

After setting the system, if the first trigger and trigger defense and internal zones, the internal zone also entered the delay state, does not give an alarm immediately, the standoff and access delay time are consistent. If the entry area without being triggered before trigger internal zones, the system will give an alarm immediately. The zone type is suitable for the user to operate the keyboard Bi by, as installed in the entrance hall, lounge or the detector. Suitable for the system deployed before hiding in the hall or attempted without access to standoff at the office within the intrusion prevention.

The 4 peripheral zones

For external door and / or window, standoff is triggered immediately send out alarm.

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